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Safety "A Companion" On & Off The Job

The National Safety Council says, "A growing number of businesses now consider off-the-job safety critical to good management of health care costs, productivity and profits", and further  appeal to employers to consider off-the-job safety programs that can encourage employees and their families in responsible behavior and healthy lifestyles, such as;

  • Nutrition and Fitness Programs

  • First Aid Courses

  • Responsible Behaviour

  • Sports and Family Day

  • Defensive Driving Courses

  • Substance Use and Abuse Awareness

  • Mental Health and Wellness Programs

  • Employees Appreci ation Days

Statistics have shown a great population of employees are victims to off the job injuries, due to complacencies. An example of "off the job" safety can be observed when at home, on vacation or engaged in a recreational activity or leisure, one will avoid acting in an irresponsible manner or creating an unsafe condition that can cause injury or ill health to themselves or others.

Employers do the best they can to provide the legal and moral requirements that will create a safe work environment to ensure their employees are protected from accidents and illnesses that threaten their wellbeing while at work, and employees should ensure these provisions are afforded for themselves even off the job. Employers suffer great setbacks when an employee is absent from work due to an injury or illness caused by an activity off the job.

Most employees follow the rules and procedures set out by the employer while at work because they both see its importance, but this attitude and practice is left in the workplace after working hours, and overlooked mainly at;

  • At Home - Unexpected accidents can occur in the absence of family safety, with the use of ladders, appliances, garden tools and machinery, fire equipment, the consequences of environmental hazards (natural and man-made), chemicals, and the physical structure. 

  • Recreation and Relaxation - Sport injuries, drowning, poisoning, chocking, exhaustion, etc.…, 

  • Leisure - Vehicular accidents, fires and burns, drowning and falls.

“Safety Is a Great Companion” that can be taken anywhere you go, its principles are the same as a risk insurance which provides a level of protection against the consequences of preventable harm once applied.

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